About the Family science labs

Family Science Labs (FASL) provides future and existing families a guided journey to understand and operate a satisfying family life, inspired by family science and practice inspired frameworks and systems. At the core of the products, services and content developed by FASL is the body of knowledge developed by the Center for Family Science, operated by the Institute for Life Management Science. This partnership enables FASL to provide comprehensive, evidence-based insights and practical solutions that enable conscious and informed choices on how to manage different aspects of family life.

Family Science Labs

Our Research Center

Our products are based on extensive research on family development and how it can enhance lives.. Not only that, but we aim to also to help individuals  in supporting one another’s family growth. The findings from this research are used in the development of our products to ensure they are effective for our customers’ needs as well as their budget requirements.

Center For Family Science

What we believe

We know that various factors in life can contribute to unhappiness, such as family challenges, work-related stress, and even our inherent brain functioning. However, what if there were ways to counteract those feelings of sadness or frustration? What if there were ways to lead happier family lives? This is why we are dedicated to assisting you on the path to family well-being through our understanding of the science behind building strong family bonds. This is what we do at Family Science Labs.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves to experience fulfillment in themselves and their family lives. Even if you find yourself in a challenging situation, we are here to provide you with scientifically-backed solutions that can bring you closer to a happier family life.

How We Do It

The Life Management Science Labs is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from several departments such as Multimedia, Publishing, Marketing, Creative, Project Management, and more.

These departments all work together toward the same goal: to become lifelong companions that provide a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and an anchoring point for answering life’s questions. We aim to achieve this by creating offerings that will help members of our community worldwide.

Courses: Our courses aim to teach individuals to live a more fulfilling family life through meticulous research in a way that is both inspirational and resourceful. Our materials aim to assist you on your path to development with materials that are not readily available on the internet.

Podcast: We created a podcast series so individuals or our “champions” can learn how to navigate family life every day — you simply plug your headphones in.

Magazine: We publish articles about the latest research on all things related to family as well as practical tips on improving your life.

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